Crazy Raccoon
The production of the opening video for the 10th Crazy Raccoon Cup Apex Legends.
Crazy Raccoon Cup is a gaming tournament organized by the pro-gaming team “Crazy Raccoon” for the purpose of expanding the world of esports. It is an online event that features those active in various fields of work such as pro-gamers, streamers, creators, and talents.
The Chasing of Our Dream
-Imagining a cinematic title sequence for our CG animation-
The participating teams are the protagonists of this show. With that in mind, we used fonts that resemble ancient inscriptions along with subtle text animation.
However, when it came to sound, we wanted to ensure that all viewers received the same level of impact on any device, so we placed our sound effects and volume on a rather broad sense of plane. Envisioning the exact sound we want in a moment - in a way we might be “lying” to our senses - our goal was to maximize our thoughts in a limited span of time.
In a Changing World
“Our future is one where global warming overwhelms earth. Left no other choice, mankind found themselves in colonies around space.
As thousands of years pass by in these spaces, voices that advocate of return dies away. As soil and nature became a luxury, I found myself entranced by the story of a beautiful blue planet. When I learned that this was where mankind was born, I couldn’t help but wish to see its true form. It wasn’t until college when I learned how unreasonable and reckless that plan was. Humanity’s interest in space research was faced towards the stars, the sun. There were no chance of any investments for researches on a ruined planet. But I couldn’t give up. With a slimmer of hope I became an investor of those researching this planet.”
“That was 20 years ago. I stand here now with my dream becoming reality. I accompanied the researchers I’ve invested in to the fieldwork of earth.
But in front of me was no beautiful blue earth, or the green nature I imagined, but a never ending plain of ruin. Desperate, I took another step, then another, hoping for something beyond the horizon, something.
We added in a red hue to connect to Apex Legends in these plants.
To guide the viewer’s eyes to the white spacesuit of the protagonist, we muted the colors on the surrounding ground and boulders.
The monotone background represents the wasteland of earth.
“But a hope, or perhaps you could call it despair, appeared.
A rather big boulder in the middle of nothing. We couldn’t see it until we neared it, but there was a clear sign of a man-made artifact. An unexpected encounter. Descendants of those left behind.”
The huge boulder was imagined using Apex Legends’ logo mark, with the texture coming directly from the logo text.
Til We Meet Again
”These are the words they left when our ancestors ventured out of earth. It is said that they left these words to remind ourselves to protect this environment.
And those left behind waited. Knowing that they’ve been abandoned, they futilely waited for the time to meet again by protecting this earth. We must not let their wish die in vain, we must not conclude their stories. Their dreams to our reality, this is a vow to fulfill the promise. Humanity will return. This is our vow to those left behind. We must keep moving forward, in search of another colony we fly.”
The red lighting with a ray of softness conveys an emotional determination of this scene.
The spacecraft breezes between the debris, leaving behind the countless battles and finding a new resolution.
Inspired by the world of Apex Legends, we incorporated a number of components of this unrealistic world - a ruined plain, red lightnings and blue volcanoes, man-made flying objects, and such.
A single light passes the world
“Til We Meet Again”
Production Credits
Nate, Takuan Paradise
3D Design
Takuan Paradise, NXTERIUM, Nate
3D Compositing
Takuan Paradise
Graphic Design
Kaoru Miyazaki
2D Motion Design + Post Effects + Script
Sound Design
Character Animation
Iori Shiro
Special Thanks
Seedless Watermelon
nim Showreel 2023
Crazy Raccoon
Crazy Raccoon Cup Countdown