The production for V.W.P’s music video “Sadame”.
V.W.P is a virtual artist group formed by KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, consisting of KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, and KOKO.
The video is based on a cinematic theme using 3DCG. We’ve added in typographies in close insert shots and parts that were notable from the lyrics.
One of our key focuses during the production process for the composite and character setup was to ensure the harmony between the photo-realistic CG background and V.W.P’s characters.
We put moments of 2D graphics such as typography in between the 3DCG using various approaches.
Our image from listening to the contents of the song was “a battle with oneself”. A connection between the past and the present, the story unfolds with the exchanges between the witches.
The first half is about the physical clash between their other selves while the latter half is facing their inner conflicts. The masks and hoods are used to differentiate the two different times; the past with the masks and the present without them. Representing two different worlds, the past and the present, the stable and the collapsed, we emphasized the importance of creating a contrast between scenes and compositions.
We used cold-tone lighting during the “stable” times to illustrate solitude and the lonely atmosphere. This was to show the emptiness of the city that was destined to collapse.
During the collapse, we used warm-tone lighting to heavily contrast the former. In order to show the dry atmosphere, we avoided the usage of glass and steel on buildings to accentuate the texture of concrete.
“A city destined to collapse. Walking through the ruins we see five masked unidentifiable bodies.”
The overlap in the layout between the cut is to show the contrast between the light and shadow in lighting.
“I confront the unidentifiable body. It speaks to me. The mask falls, and we realize they were our past selves.”
“Determined to fight against their destiny, the five take a step towards the stage.”
“In the midst of the collapse, they refused to give into despair and intervene with their future selves.”
Adding in a taste of the dystopian science fiction genre, we made the stage a collapsed highway with rusted pieces of buildings. The broken highway symbolizes the despair and helplessness of the situation, as well as the fives’ determination to fight against it.
“The collapsed city regenerated itself to its former self. The five awaken with their memories intact.”
KAF learning of her past. She stands alone in a bleak and quiet part of the city, immersing in the pain and despair of their destiny.
Harusaruhi sings her frustration of herself. The showering animation with violent cuts and fonts that looks like it was hand-written out of anger expresses her mental state from the destiny they face.
RIM is in distress from the repeated trauma. The unstable mysterious lighting and amoebic texture show her wavering inner self.
Isekaijoucho walks through the suburbs lost in thought. Soft sunlight shines through the thickened fog.
“Wandering in the rift between the collapse and regeneration. Chained to this destiny, they feel their memories being ripped away.”
Koko drowning in a never-ending depth of darkness. She too, cannot escape.
“KAF, RIM, Harusaruhi, Isekaijoucho, and KOKO each have their own solo part before they all come together to sing. They sing of their determination to work together.”
We highlight the five using dynamic camera works and lighting. We use a strobe light to illuminate the collapsing city.
“To connect to our future selves, to put an end to this lasting destiny. The five confront the collapsing city.”
Through their determination and their singing, we wanted to show that something has changed. The scene here is using the tone red, a completely new color from before, emphasizing the collapse through the layout of the scene.
The logos and graphics at the end have a solid finish, showing the witches’ state of mind of fighting against destiny. The logo animation has a crumbling edge from the collapse of the city, and the slow animation shows the determination of V.W.P.
We emphasized the animation and designs on the words that held impact to express the violent nature behind some of the lyrics.
The usage of multiple different fonts represents the unstableness.
Production Credits
Direction + Edit + Post Effects
3D Design
Takuan Paradise, NXTERIUM, Nate
3D Compositing + Character Setup
Takuan Paradise, Nate
Graphic Design
Kaoru Miyazaki
2D Motion Design
Tatsuya Suga, Nate
Nate, Kaoru Miyazaki
3D Design
3D Effects
Character Animation
Ryota Takaishi, Hiroyuki Nakatomi, Yuki Kato, Akinori Gondou
Character Setup
Katsuhiro Wada, ToMaTo
Motion Capture
Wakai Masayuki, Komoda Sakie, Fukawatase Miki, Kawamura Kanami
Live Footage
Ryuichi Taniura, Shota Nakajima
Iori Shiro
Special Thanks
Fumiko Iino, Seedless Watermelon, SHIGU, Tomoya Murakami
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